Tuesday, June 28, 2011

and then there were four.

I need another refrigerator just for their food. My refrigerator/freezer and countertop are overflowing with food. Just a thought. I am trying to figure out a system of organization for their food...suggestions are welcomed!

I cringe to say this...but so far this morning it has been weirdly calm. It is kind of eerie. No, very eerie. I did not know what to expect out of four boys under the age of 10, so I guess I expected the worst. I think the boys are trying to get warmed up to each other, so I don't expect the calmness to last too much longer, but it is nice for now...considering I am not a big fan of mornings. Two cups of coffee just didn't do it this morning. The constant grumble and loud booming of the thunder kept me awake for at least 2 hours last night. At one point I remember groaning to Kody, "It is so obnoxious, I just want it to stop!"

I am learning to not be such a controller and neat freak. It is impossible with little boys. And I am learning that it is perfectly okay. This morning two of the 6 year olds went outside to play in the muddy yard and ditch full of water. My first instinct was to tell them, "No way!  Your clothes and shoes are going to be wet and filthy!" But instead, I took a deep breath, and then asked them to come inside to put on their swimming trunks and take off their shoes and head back out! And they had so much fun! Their cute faces were covered in mud and muck and I realized that's how little boys should be.

wrestling in my bedroom...not sure this is a good idea, but it is stormy and rainy outside!

In other news...i got my legs wrapped today! I haven't seen results on my tummy, so Amy talked me into trying my legs today. Hoping I see some results this time. Ben asked me, "so what's up with the stuff on your legs?" I replied, "I am trying to make my legs smaller." He then answered with, "Oh, you have fat legs!" haha :)


  1. Boys will be boys, just hose them off good before coming into the house and
    Your legs are NOT fat. I hope you spend some of your babysitting $$ going to a counselor!

  2. When I first saw the picture of your legs I thought this is something one of the boys did to you... you are ridiculous! You have a beautiful body, so you should just be happy with it.