Friday, July 1, 2011


2,4,1 are my "numbers" for the past three days. Wednesday I was back to two kids, Thursday I had all four, and today I only have one...the other is sick :(

Wednesday...hmmm, I honestly don't even remember what we did! I'm sure it consisted of nintendo ds and hide-and-seek in the morning, park, lunch, outside/sprinkler time, and NAPS! I DO remember that both boys fell asleep around 2:30, causing Dylan to miss his 4:00 tae kwon do class.

Thursday was such a fun day and probably my favorite day of the summer so far. We started the morning by meeting Tiffany and Elijah at the park...they played for nearly 2 hours before becoming so hungry they could barely walk. Seriously, my kids are so dramatic! :) I try to keep them busy playing at the park until at least 10:40, that way by the time we get home, washed up while I am preparing everyone's lunch we can eat a little after 11. After lunch we got changed into our swim suits, "sunscreened" up and were on our way to my friend Sumer's house to swim! She was keeping a boy close to their age and a little girl (poor girl!)...they all played so well together and Sumer and I got to lay-out and catch up. I also got a little....okay a lot burnt! We left the pool around 2:45 and I had two boys literally nodding off in the back seat. I thought I was going to have to pack them inside. We got dry clothes on and snacks! These boys were starving, and I promise the oldest one could have eaten everything in my cabinets! And then one fell asleep on the couch :)

mine and Sumer's kiddos at the her pool

I got a text this morning from one of the momma's saying her little boy got up around 10:30 last night throwing up, so he was staying home with his dad today. So i was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to keep one boy entertained! Usually, I can just sit back and let them play with each other, and just be their referee....but today, I knew I had to be the playmate. My mom was took the day off so she wanted to hit up a few yardsales, so we drug him along. What a good sport he was! Then we met up with Tiff and Eli. I need to mention how obsessed Elijah and Dylan are with each other. It is actually ridiculous. When Dylan is around Eli could care less about anyone else. It is so cute and they are sweet/rough together and it is hilarious. We did some shopping with them, ate lunch, and then I took my one for a Dairy Queen treat. It was a good day :)
best friends

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