Tuesday, July 12, 2011

good cow

I heard the heat index was 121 degrees yesterday! good cow. I had two boys yesterday and we decided (well, I decided because they were getting too rambunctious in the house) to go to the park around 9am. I thought we'd get some in some outside time before it got miserably hot...well, we didn't. We only managed about 25 minutes at the park before all three of us were hot, sticky, and miserable. We settled for a morning in with legos, puzzles, and power rangers. We did end up going to Sumer's house to swim after lunch...although the water was 90 degrees. Needless to say the water wasn't even refreshing, but it was refreshing to be around someone over the age of 6 :)

Last night I had a few people over to get "wrapped". I noticed while they were here that my house felt really hot. I thought it was just the mixture of having 6 adults and 3 kids in my house and the fact that our air conditioner can't keep up with itself when it's so stinkin' hot outside! I started supper around 7:00 and the having the oven on 450 was only magnifying the problem. I finally went to see what the thermostat actually read, because to me it felt like it was 85 degrees in the house. Well, it WAS 82 degrees! One of the boys had turned the thermostat to set it on 80. I was livid. I knew Kody would be home any minute from working outside in the heat ALL day, and the last thing he would want to come home to was a hot house. When he got home he immediately went to Lowe's and got a new thermostat that we can "lock" so it doesn't happen again...because this was not the first time it had happened, I had to just happened to catch them in action the times before. When we got ready for bed around 9:30, we both agreed it was going to be a miserably long/hot night...so we went to Walmart and got a fan for our bedroom.

I was pretty upset last night, but today is a new day and I am praying that it will be better with 4 boys.

I need to start taking more pictures...i will work on that today!

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