Thursday, July 14, 2011

four time outs by 10am

Is tonight a full moon? Seriously, these four boys have been crazy this morning! It is now 10:20, and there have been four time-outs served. I'm not positive the boys get disciplined at home, but there are for sure getting disciplined at my house. The speak so ugly to each other and it drives me nuts. It's hard to be the fun babysitter when you are constantly scolding!

Okay, venting over. Yesterday we had a fun day. I limited their DS and TV time in the morning, which I normally do, but I was more strict with it yesterday, selfishly. We cancelled our Dish and so I am no longer able to watch the Today Show in my bedroom while they chill in the mornings. I am NOT a morning person. I roll out of bed literally 5-7 minutes before the first boy gets here, so I still need a good 45 minutes to "wake up" and I like to be alone. So before we lost Dish, the boys would get here, I would put Netflix on for them in the living room and I'd go back to my room for a while until they came to me saying they were ready for breakfast. It worked perfectly. Until yesterday. I could only handle about one episode of Power Rangers and DS game noises before I told them their time was up. It was time to find a game, puzzle, legos...or use your imagination.

One of their favorite DS games is know, like the hilarious show on ABC (it is my guilty pleasure). So naturally they start pulling all the pillows of my couches and chair and setting them up on the ground to make their "obstacle"...which went through my entire house (excluding my bedroom, they aren't allowed in there). My house doesn't make too big of an obstacle course, but it does make a great circle for them to go around.

In the midst of their "WipeOut" game, Tiff and Eli showed up. Tiff had the idea of ordering pizza and taking it to the park, so we did! After that we came back to my house, put a movie in for 3 boys, Tiff worked on coupons in my office...and i worked on cleaning/organizing the office. All of Kody's music stuff is home for the summer. Most of it stays at church during the school year for Impact Service. He has been wanting a spot to keep it all out so he just has to plug it in and play when he gets a spare moment. Which is few and far between these days.

After the yardsale last weekend I can finally see the floor again, so it was time to get it all picked up and looking good! The room is red. I warned Kody when he first moved in that he wouldn't like a red room long. And I was right, he didn't. He almost immediately hated it, but it was too much of a hassle for him to worry about at the time, so 2 1/2 years later it is still red. We have decided we want it to be a cheerful green color...but neither of us want to do it, so we've thought of hiring someone to do this one room. It would be so worth it, we just haven't made the call yet. Here are a few shots of our clean office/music room/craft room. I also cleaned and organized the closet in here, but couldn't really get a get shot of that!

It felt so good to get re-organized! What to do today?!

stay cool,

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