Thursday, July 7, 2011

Go Go Power Rangers

I went through a phase where I loved power rangers. My Mamu even took me to "meet" them at Toys R Us one I can't stand the show! Actually that is the one part of babysitting that I can't stand. The cartoons and silly shows. And boy shows have to be the worst! I have never been into the whole super hero thing...and that is ALL these boys want to watch. So I am blogging with Pandora on (Sandra McCracken on Pandora is my favorite) this morning while they are watching the Power Ranger movie.

We haven't had too much of an eventful week around here. I did have a great 4th of July lonnng weekend. One cookout with my parents and the Jarvis' Saturday night, followed by Murray's disappointing firework display, and Sunday night we had our "annual" cookout at the farm with some close friends. Kody's parent's have scheduled their vacation on the 4th of July for like the last 4 years. I'm convinced they just don't want to have any idea what the boys do with we get to use the farm to set off hundreds of fireworks. My sweet mother-in-law reads this, so I better not say too much :) Also, since they are in Mexico this week Kody and I are staying at their house at the farm all week...and I love it! It makes me so anxious for the day that we will build a home and live there forever.

Monday was a nice day off. I slept in past eight, which is a rare occurrence! Then I came home and got all of our laundry caught up for the week and then Kody and I got to have a date night! Since it was a holiday all of the good restaurants were shut down! We were really wanting to try Boulders, guess it'll have to happen another day (maybe this weekend!). Then we went to see Bad Teacher...I do not recommend it.

Tuesday I had three boys. Dylan's dad was off work, so Dylan stayed home with him and helped with yard work. I took the other three to Sumer's pool again. We all had a blast :)

Wednesday started at the park with Tiff and Eli. We had planned on going to see Cars 2 at the 1 o'clock show. Well, the boys laid on the couch after still...and fell asleep! I was NOT going to wake them up! When one of them woke up around 2:15 he came to me and said, "What about the Cars?" So I promised we could go Friday. I think it is suppose to rain, so it should work out well.

Today I have all four again...and we really have no plans. I am thinking it is a good morning for the park. We literally go nearly every day! They never get tired of it...and it is a good time for me to get in The Word. I think there are chances for showers this afternoon, so I am thinking an afternoon of board games, puzzles, and legos is awaiting us. Or maybe it will turn out sunny and we can hit the pool again. I LOVE having a friend with a pool. It is so fun to have an adult to talk to throughout the day :)

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