Monday, July 18, 2011


This post is not about kids, surprisingly. We had an eventful weekend at the Paschall household full of ideas, inspirations, fabric swatches, paint swatches, and ice cream. Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day...did you know that? Go ahead and celebrate today too!

It all started with the yardsale last weekend. I wanted to put our money we made towards new living room furniture. We have a really nice grey couch from pottery barn...and then we have a futon and papasan chair that Kody bought when he first moved into the house. Cheap purchases to live with until we got married and i came in to redecorate :)

I wasn't sure what I wanted in place of the futon and papasan chair, but Kody and I quickly settled on this 
We sold the papasan chair already, but the futon is still looking for new owners. The couch could take up to 12 weeks to be delivered so we went ahead and ordered it. I can hardly wait! We are also looking for a second end table and possibly a rug to finish out the living room.

Now to the office, which really needs sprucing up! I'm not sure why Kody wanted RED when he moved in, but he did. It doesn't match the flow of the rest of the house at all. I've been wanting to change it from the minute I saw the red room. So thankful the time has finally come. We went to Lowe's last night to pick out paint colors. I really wanted it to be a light cheerful green, which would go with the flow of our house. I found some colors I love on the swatch, but not sure how I will love it on three walls. We decided to paint Kody's "guitar wall" grey. Then I got the bright idea that I wanted wallpaper on my "craft wall". I love anything Amy Butler and I swiftly fell in love with her wallpaper...Kody not so much. He said it was way too girly. But it is my wall...and it is a tiny spot because there are doors on either side. The Amy Butler is here and my other option is this

The second option is really neat. It is textured and paintable. That will probably be the one we get. It is way less expensive and we could paint it the same green color as the walls. Although I just love Amy Butler. Sigh. Guess it will just have to go in a little girl's room someday.

I guess I should check on the little fellas...they have been quietly playing Star Wars Legos for the last hour. When they are quiet too long I get nervous.

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